'5000 Volts' or should I say 'Airbus' was originally formed in the spring of 1974. Tina Charles & Martin Jay both Top UK Session Vocalists were asked to record a song entitled "Fly Away". The track Unnown to Tina or Martin was released in Western Europe and was to become a top 10 hit in most of Western Europe.

1975 came and Tony Eyers (the producer of 'Fly Away') asked Tina & Martin to record a follow up track a song entitled "Bye Love".

After recording the track at IBC studios in London, Tony asked Tina & Martin to record the 'B' side of the single, a song he told everyone he had only written that morning. "Don't work too hard" said Tony, "it's only a 'B' side and it won't ever get heard". That Track was "I'm on Fire". Tina's voice is heard on the verses with both Martin and Tina overdubbing the Backing Vocals & Martin's voice on the choruses with Tina singing ad libs over the top.

The 'A' side "Bye Love" was released in Western Europe under the name of 'Airbus' as a follow up single to "Fly Away". After 12 weeks Phonogram (UK) also picked up on the single, but Phonogram decided that they wanted "I'm on Fire" to be the 'A' side. They renamed the band '5000 Volts'. The single was duly released in the UK and after 6 weeks entered the UK charts at number (30). It subsequently reached number (4) in the charts in September 1975. The success of the single in the UK prompted all the record companies in Western Europe to change the artists name from 'Airbus' to '5000 Volts'. The single became a huge worldwide hit, the biggest selling single in West Germany of 1975, reaching number (1) & selling 1.5 million records in West Germany alone, as well as reaching number (1) in 15 different countries all over the world & making the top (20) in the USA. The single eventually sold in excess of 4 million records Worldwide.

Following their huge hit, Epic Records in West Germany released the second '5000 Volts' single (in West Germany) entitled "Motion Man". "Motion Man" went into the West German charts reaching (22) in advanced record sales alone.

January 1976. 5000 Volts who had been rehearsing for a live concert were preparing to go on a 3 week tour of West Germany when the 'Bomb Shell' was dropped. Tina who's second solo single "I love to love" which was about to reach Number (1) in the UK charts, told 5000 Volts that she would have to leave the band to pursue her solo career. 5000 Volts had to look for another Girl Vocalist. 5000 Volts found Linda Kelly & around August 1976 5000 Volts 3rd Single (in the UK) "Dr Kiss Kiss" was released. It climbed to number (8) in the UK charts & stayed in the UK charts for Eight weeks, but was never to be a big hit abroad. The band released three more single after that but never had any more hits in the UK. The only album '5000 Volts' ever recorded was simply entitled '5000 Volts'.

Martin Jay left 5000 Volts at the beginning of 1977 to pursue his own solo career. Martin had 4 more hit singles after that, but with 3 different bands. The first band being 'Enigma' who's hits "Aint no stoppin' us now" & ''I love Music" reached numbers (11) & (15) in the UK charts in 1981 & then lead Vocals on 'Tight Fit's' "Back to the 60's" also in 1981, & finally in 1990 Martin recorded the "Night Fever' megamix" under the name of the 'UK Mixmasters', this single went to number (23) in the UK charts.