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ISSS provides personalized administrative support, specialized billing, and customized advising services to sponsored students and their sponsoring agencies. We proudly partner with over 70 sponsoring agencies worldwide to promote academic excellence, leadership, and cultural exchange. We support more than 300 sponsored students from over 50 countries enrolled at UT.

For students, we provide:

  • Coordination between admission office, academic departments, and the English as a Second Language (ESL) program
  • Resources and information on housing options
  • Immigration document issuance and on-going immigration support
  • Manage tuition bill payments for students with signed billing agreements
  • Personalized advising services to support the students’ welfare during their period of study
  • Customized orientation for new sponsored students
  • Coordination of campus services and resources for students with disabilities
  • Assistance for students in fulfilling sponsor’s requirements
  • Issuance of customized letters upon request
  • Notary services
  • General insurance and non-resident tax filing support
  • Communication services between agencies and sponsored students
  • Crisis management
  • Ongoing updates through sponsored student listserv and monthly newsletter
  • Grade reports to the sponsoring agency
  • Regular sponsored student gatherings and networking events

For sponsoring agencies, we provide:

  • Centralized point of contact for the sponsor to communicate with the University
  • Advice on the advantages and disadvantages of entering the U.S. in a specific immigration status
  • Preparation of placement forms and host institution application forms
  • Ease Kork Womens Pearl Womens Pearl Ease Womens Pearl Kork Rum Ease Rum Kork Assistance in determining the cost of funding their students' education
  • Third party billing services and individual students' invoices
  • Crisis management and official communication
  • Customized letters upon request
  • Coordination of insurance waivers for groups
  • Facilitate university site visits at the request of sponsoring agencies
  • Student grade reports each semester upon request
  • Opportunities for partnerships and official agreements

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For more information regarding undergraduate admissions for international students, visit the Office of Admissions for prospective international undergraduates.

Admissions deadlines for graduate programs vary by department. Visit the University’s Graduate School to learn more about the graduate programs and their respective deadlines.

Estimated Expenses
See the financial requirements page for new students.

Special Billing (Third Party Billing)
Refer to Sponsored Student Billing (Special Billing) under Financial Services.

English as a Second Language (ESL)
For more information regarding English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, visit the ESL Services website.

The purpose of the Foundation Year Program is to provide:

  • Pre-matriculated international students with academic and cultural training before enrolling full-time at a U.S. university.
  • Tools for students to handle the demands of the North American higher education system
  • Courses to improve English speaking, reading and writing
  • Test preparation (TOEFL, SAT, ACT, etc…)
  • Instruction of academic content
  • Increased probability of students’ success as a matriculated student.

Features of Foundation Year Program:

  • Assigned staff member assigned to coordinate all aspects of students’ program, including:
    • Housing (in private off-campus dormitory) and orientation
    • Ongoing monitoring of students’ progress
    • Cultural immersion experiences
    • Communication with sponsoring agency
    • University admissions applications assistance
  • Academic content courses taught by current UT faculty members
  • Leadership and service learning opportunities
  • Intercultural programming
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Schedule an appointment

Schedule an appointment with a Sponsored Student Advisor.

Sponsored Student Contacts

Patricia Gamboa
Assistant Director, Sponsored Student Services
512-232-7857 ph

Tina Fiet
Sponsored Student Advisor
512-232-9572 ph

Amy Wong
Sponsored Student Accountant
512-471-4109 ph
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General Information: sponsoredstudent@austin.utexas.edu